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Old abandoned industrial machines

Sell your scrap to our team!

Fair prices paid for scrap metal

Covering Wellington, Taunton and beyond, James Peters Metal Recycling is a name that you can trust.


If you have scrap metal cluttering up your property, get in touch with James Peters Metal Recycling. We are scrap metal merchants, who offer great deals for customers in Taunton and the surrounding areas.


Just give us a call and let us know what type of scrap metal you wish us to collect and recycle, and we will be there to assist you. We offer great prices and remove all the scrap from your property, be it an office space or a private residence. You can also trust us to handle factory clearances.

We can take a range of items

Trust our experts to collect metal in any condition or form. We take:

Stainless steel

Boilers, radiators, and copper pipes etc.

Steel and cast iron

Farm Machinery

Cars (complete or not, we don't mind!) - collection only

Site Clearances

Factory, engineering and industrial

If it’s made of metal, we’re interested!

Keep 100% of the money we offer you!

We want our customers to benefit from selling their scrap metal to us. Since we offer free collections, you can enjoy every penny that we offer you. We base our prices on current market values for scrap, ensuring you get a fair price for the metal you have.


To arrange a collection, get in touch with our team today.

Collection of pipe fittings

Let us know what you think

Have we collected scrap from your premises? At James Peters Metal Recycling we value your feedback. If you have come to us for scrap metal collections, please feel free to review us on Yell today. All comments are welcomed.

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brass tubing and pipes
Looking to sell your scrap in the Wellington AND TAUNTON areaS? Call the experts at James Peters Metal Recycling
Call now on 07544 309846.
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